Astronomy posters and images of the universe by astrophotographer Steen Knarberg

Astronomy posters and images of the universe by astrophotographer Steen Knarberg

Astronomy & Astrophotography giclée fine art posters of the universe for sale

If you like and astronomy and fine art astrophotography; nebulaes, galaxies, star clusters you've come to the right place. I offer fine art prints of my own original astronomy astrophotography of the highest quality printing on archival fine art paper like Hahnemühle etc. and custom-made art print on demand delivered directly to your home. ​

Giclée prints of nebulae and galaxies

You will find astrophotography and astronomy art to be giclée printed of the Orion nebula, Rosette Nebula, Veil Nebula, the Pleiades and the Pinwheel Galaxy, and many other Deep Space objects like planetary nebulas such as the Dumbbell. Explore amazing pictures of galaxies like Bode´s Galaxy, the Pinwheel galaxy and many more. Giclée prints are prints lasting at least 100 years due to the pigmented inks used. ​

Posters of nebulae and galaxies

Fine art astronomy posters & fine art prints, framed prints and aluminum Dibond prints are what you can order of my images of the universe. Currently I make giclée prints in formats from 110x180 cm all the way down to A5 formats and all formats in between. Printing media ranges from standard premium photo papers to exotic fine art cotton papers from Hahnemühle. Prints can be ordered both framed and unframed. See prices below each of the images in the astronomy posters albums.


Since i was quite young I have stared at the heavens wondering about the cosmos and my part in it. Until I started understanding the universe, I felt a kind af sadness knowing that it would all end one day, even though I had many years left. Trying to understanding the universe, through astronomy, and my miniscule role in it, brought to me and understanding of life, on all levels, which, through the years, has helped me accept the innevitable.

What sparked my interest in astronomy innitially, which has become a lifelong hobby, was actually a coincidence. As a keen sailor I took a Yacht Skipper III degree in which astronomical navigation was a part the syllabus. Working with the maps, the sextant, and not least, watching the objects of our solar system and the stars ignited it all.

As a photographer it was also very natural for me wanting to image what I saw through my first 5" newton telescope in Copenhagen. Of course this was a bit of a challenge because of the light pollution, so I ventyred to dark places photographing on hyper sensiblized film while hand guiding as good as I could manage.

Today things has gotten a lot easier. I own a couple af very good telescopes which I image with from my garden south of Naestved on the island Zealand in Denmark.